Florida: Man Arrested for Picking “Magic Mushrooms” While Carrying an Alligator…

OVIEDO, Florida –

A Florida man was arrested along with three others last Sunday by a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officer for allegedly picking hallucinogenic mushrooms in the Little Big Econ State Wildlife Management Area in Seminole County, Florida while also carrying a 2-foot-long alligator in his backpack.

What could possibly go wrong?

30-year-old Rick Myers, of Titusville, Florida, was charged with possessing an American Alligator without a permit, possessing the psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms that are often referred to as “shrooms” or “magic mushrooms,” felony violation of probation, and removing natural resources from a Wildlife Management Area.

Another Brevard County man, 22-year-old Gregory Sansota of Titusville, was also arrested along with Tyler Salzman, age 20 of Deltona, Florida.  Both of the young men were charged with possessing the psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms and removing natural resources from a Wildlife Management Area.  An unidentified juvenile was among those arrested.

A fourth man fled the scene, but was later arrested by a Seminole County Sheriff’s deputy.

FWC spokesperson Joy Hill said in an email that Myers allegedly told authorities that he found the alligator in the field where they picked the mushrooms and picked it up and put it in his pack to take photos of it later.

The adults were booked into the Seminole County Jail and the juvenile was taken to the Seminole County Juvenile Detention Center.

The mushrooms were placed into evidence at the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and the alligator was released back to the wild.
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9 thoughts on “Florida: Man Arrested for Picking “Magic Mushrooms” While Carrying an Alligator…

    1. Dude, Florida is beautiful and WILD.
      They serve alcoholic drinks “to go.” You can get a 64 ounce rum drink, drive around the most beautiful beach, and return for a discounted refill.
      They have all the hazards we have in North Georgia…bears, wolves, wildcats, etc. PLUS sea monsters (sharks) and freakin’ dinosaurs (alligators), and now…pythons who are eating the gators. You can go there and hunt the pythons, Florida will pay you for them by the foot.
      They have betting on dog racing, and sports left over from Indian times.
      Spanish forts, and high rises.
      Jungles and clear water aquifers that pump out millions of gallons of clear, clean water a day.
      I’m actually a little surprised that you can’t legally harvest trippy mushrooms with a gator in your backpack there.
      We just got back a couple of weeks ago, went to the “redneck riviera” for vacation. It was awesome…crystal clear emerald green water, sugar white sand, and nice waves to play in.
      GOD bless Florida.
      It IS rather exotic with palm trees, and spanish moss, but it’s still the U.S. so we speak the language and can still carry our firearms.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Many years ago I had a blissful vacation in the Panhandle. Later I found out that I also had been a blissfully ignorant European because I refused a clerk of a small supermarket to put my big can of Faxe beer in a paper bag. I just carried it to the closeby beach, sat in that incredible white sand, wrote a letter home and drank that beer. I couldn’t understand why people turned their heads watching me bemused.
        Now I know that I violated a law by openly drinking out of that unwrapped beercan.
        Good thing no cop was aroud I guess 😂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Everybody in Florida appears to be drunk…but you have to be discreet.
          My wife Freeda used the condo blender to make some fruity rum concoctions, froze them, and then put them in a mug or cup. They were pretty tasty, I had a few myself. I don’t drink much anymore, but I mainly prefer Bourbon or whiskey. But, hey…when you’re in a tropical beach area, rum drinks seem appropriate…like a pirate…except for the strawberries and such. I just got over my sunburn about four days ago!
          Glad you had a great time!


            1. Would love to!
              I know a local guy that brews beer…at work, home, and on vacation. He trained under a master brewer from Germany, teaches a class at a local college on brewing, etc.
              On vacation he visited some guy up north that scrapes up grain from the pyramids and brews “Pharoah’s beer” and other historical stuff. He’s brew crazy. Working two or three jobs right now to accumulate money to buy tanks, etc. to expand his own beers.

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