Just for Fun: This is Why the Deep State Democrat Plants Are so Mad…

Although this is a joke video, there’s a lot of truth in it.

The Democrats, the deep state, and the RINOS all were pulling together to install a mentally challenged drunken traitor into the White House, but had their plans upset by AMERICANS, who got up and voted in enough numbers to overcome the left’s cheating.

They are stunned.

Great job, patriots!

Wearing Number 1 for the Washington Establishment today, is seventy year old Hillary Clinton. Hillary has lived most of her life in the hospital, after being born with an iron deficiency. And will undergo a blood transfusion next weekend. The establishment is playing the Republican Rhinos today, and in partnership with the Grant a Wish foundation, both teams have agreed to come together and have Hillary run the first play of the game.

Found @: IOTWReport


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