Washington State Man Arrested After He Was “Caught in a Compromising Position With an Injured Beaver”…

Three people were arrested by Kennewick police on Labor Day for having methamphetamine, including a man allegedly caught in a compromising position with an injured beaver.

Richard M. Delp, Jordan D. Lewis and Megan L. Williams were picked up in two separate busts more than six hours apart.

Delp, 35, is accused of having sexual contact with the wild animal in Columbia Park.

The beaver was hit by a car sometime Monday night, and a woman who found it ran home for a box so she could transport the injured animal to a veterinarian, according to Sgt. Aaron Clem.

The woman reportedly returned to the Kennewick park to find a man lying next to the beaver.

She wondered if the man, later identified as Delp, was comforting with the animal, said Clem.

But then she realized he was partially clothed.

The animal may have still been alive at that point, but it was dead when officers arrived in the park.

Delp, who is listed as a transient, was booked into the Benton County jail at 12:50 a.m. Tuesday on suspicion of first-degree animal cruelty and meth possession, both felonies. He is being held without bail.

Via: TCH


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