Must Watch: “The LORD’s Waffle Fries”…

Chick-Fil-A is one of the best companies in the U.S.A. They tirelessly do good deeds, even to liberals who hate them for their open commitment to Christ, and their patriotism. Their food is ranked number one repeatedly in polls. I have to agree with most of what this gentleman has to say.

I found this @: IOTWReport

2 thoughts on “Must Watch: “The LORD’s Waffle Fries”…

  1. Frank and Freeda Blunt,
    WOW! have noticed your ‘likes’ on my posts on ‘Exposing Modern Mugwumps’ and decided to check out your site. It is terrific. Great work! I have been in the fight for freedom since I was ‘Red Pilled’ while I watched on TV as the Branch Davidians burned in Janet Reno’s inferno killing men, women and little babies. I have never looked back. Your site is a blessing and I will definitely be coming back. Keep the faith and keep up the fight.
    May God Bless you and your family,
    Ralph Rowe ~ AKA Freedom Rider

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    1. Thank you so much!
      I had two moments that made me wake up and pay attention:
      1. One week I got extra money in my paycheck. I was salaried, so I called payroll and asked if I had gotten a raise, or if perhaps they had made a mistake.
      They told me, ” no, it’s Reagan’s tax cuts.”
      I started watching President Reagan, who the “media” also belittled and smeared…And he was a GREAT President, who loved the U.S.
      2. In construction, one of the company owners would always play Rush Limbaugh when he was onsite. I listened and he simply made sense.
      Thanks again, and GOD bless you and yours, Frank.

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