Mass Shooter Who Shot Six at Rite Aid was a Black “Transgender” Woman…

The transgender woman who went on a shooting spree at a Rite Aid distribution center in Maryland had been diagnosed with a mental illness in 2016 and used a legally purchased gun in the deadly rampage.

Snochia Moseley, 26, shot dead three people and then herself at the Enterprise Business Park in Aberdeen shortly after 9am Thursday.

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler revealed on Friday that Moseley had been diagnosed with a mental illness in 2016.

He said Moseley had become increasingly agitated in recent weeks, and relatives had been concerned for her well-being.

Moseley used a handgun that she legally purchased in March to fire a total of 13 rounds on Thursday morning, and died after shooting herself twice in the head.

She killed three people in the attack, including Sunday Aguda, a 45-year-old male from Baltimore County; Brindra Giri, a 41-year-old female from Baltimore County; and Hayleen Reyes, a 41-year-old female from Baltimore City.

Those injured in the rampage were Hassan Mitchell, a 19-year-old male from Harford County; Wilfredo Villegas, a 45-year-old male from Montgomery County; and Acharya Purna, a 45-year-old female from New York. They are all expected to recover.

Witnesses say Moseley was seen arguing with another employee in the moments before she ‘went off’ and opened fire.

Moseley arrived at about 6.30am for her shift at the Rite Aid distribution center on Thursday, where she had been hired as a temporary employee about two weeks earlier ahead of the holiday season.

As people lined up to come in the building, Gahler said Mosely cut in line and words were exchanged, but it was a ‘little incident.’

Less than an hour after she arrived, Moseley left the building for unknown reasons at 7.21am and returned home to get a handgun, pepper spray and handcuffs.

She arrived back at the parking lot around 8.35am and entered the front door around 8.52am.

Gahler said Mosely pulled a hooded shirt over her head and began shooting, striking and killing her victim, Aguda, outside the building.

Inside, where there were about 65 people, she fatally shot Giri and Reyes and also shot the three victims who survived.

Two of the victims died at the scene and one was taken to hospital where they were pronounced dead later in the day.

Mosely shot herself twice before police arrived – once with a grazing wound and then with the fatal shot. She was already down when officers arrived and an officer moved her from the scene, not knowing that she was the shooter.

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2 thoughts on “Mass Shooter Who Shot Six at Rite Aid was a Black “Transgender” Woman…

    1. Correct! Something like a 50% suicide rate for people who have had gender switching surgery.
      Some hospitals have stopped mutilating people, admitting that humans cannot change gender and that those who desire to are actually suffering from a mental disorder.
      I’m aware of the sad story of the Reimers and the sicko freak Dr. Money, we posted a video on them:
      Thanks for commenting, Mary Ann!

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