Illegal Alien Loses Wallet; ICE Calls to Offer it Back, Then Deports Him…

An undocumented Argentine married man figured the generous person on the other end of the phone was carrying out the good deed of returning his wallet hours after he had lost it.

Instead it was all part of the process to have him detained by immigration agents, and setting up the clueless man for deportation this week.

On Tuesday, Flavio Musmanno, 44, left an emotional message on his Facebook account before he was deported to his native hometown in Mar de Plata, Argentina, thanking his friends and family and vowing not to ‘lose the war’ against the Trump administration.

Musmanno, who had been living in the country from 18 years after arriving on a visa waiver program, married his wife Fabiana Zuin in 2017. 

The Argentine immigrant had spent more than 10 years working for a construction company who had sent him on work assignments to Arizona, Tennessee and New York.

Earlier this summer Musmanno, who filled the role of a supervisor, was asked to fill in for a co-worker who was unable to make it to Ohio.

On August 28, the Argentine immigrant lost his wallet which contained just an expired identification card, bank cards and $40.

Although the his stepdaughter told that Musmanno did not have a document listing his phone number in the wallet, the agents posing as a Good Samaritans somehow managed to get a hold of him directly and never identified themselves as immigration officers.

Instead of retrieving his wallet, Musmanno, who has two grandchildren and did not have a criminal record, was immediately detained by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents from the Sandusky Bay Station in Port Clinton, Ohio, according to statement provided by the U.S. CBP to

“Did not have a criminal record,” except of course being in the United States ILLEGALLY!!!…Frank.

His family worked tirelessly with their lawyer to place a halt on the final deportation order but came up empty.

Musmanno boarded a 7.50pm American Airlines flight on Tuesday bound for Buenos Aires and then purchased a bus ticket that took him to Mar de Plata.

His family fears for his safety in Argentina.

‘The conditions that my dad will be living under are not the best,’ his stepdaughter Paola told

‘The situation in Argentina is very bad. We’re worried about him. We’re scared because we think someone might believe he has money and would try to kidnap him.’

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2 thoughts on “Illegal Alien Loses Wallet; ICE Calls to Offer it Back, Then Deports Him…

  1. I don’t support illegal aliens, but I don’t think its a good policy to concentrate against people who are not a threat to their communities rather than focusing on drug dealers, welfare cheats, MS-13 members, and people who support La Raza. The US should probably offer a permanent residence to such people with the following stipulations:

    -the courts shall not interfere in any immigration matters
    -they may never be given citizenship nor shall any children they brought with them illegally gain citizenship except through service to the US in its military
    -that all taxes must be paid
    -that they are prohibited from any and all welfare programs
    -any criminal felonies shall cause them to be deported

    My interactions with most “illegals” show them to be harder working than many Americans and all snowflakes. Most appreciate America-many Americans do not. Most are more polite and helpful than snowflakes and alll academic types.

    I’d rather live next door to an illegal than Cory Booker or Nancy Pelosi.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fair enough.
      Personally, I want them all sent back to where they belong.
      If you click through to the source, you’ll see he definitely hated President Trump and allied himself with the left, while ignoring our laws.
      To me, the left is the enemy.


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