Watch: Tough Guy on Bike Learns a Lesson: Don’t Mess With “Old Dudes”…

I must confess…I’ve never understood the “tough guy” mentality some bikers have.

They ride on a machine that can be put down by a pebble, a bird, something pushed through the spokes, or a quick grab of the handle bars.

One person in a decent pickup could wipe out an entire gang.

It might be best just to be polite,stay aware of other vehicles, and understand and obey the rules of the road.

It’s also probably a good idea to not to anger others too much…

5 thoughts on “Watch: Tough Guy on Bike Learns a Lesson: Don’t Mess With “Old Dudes”…

  1. Was that elderly guy some sort of trooper? He wears some sort of patch on his left arm and is wearing a dark blue shirt.
    Viewed from a European legal standpoint the older dude might get himself into trouble since he hit the biker first without being threatened.
    „Call 911“ doesn‘t seem like a big enough threat to start punching someone‘s face.
    Oh, that kid definitely deserved the roughing up – for his very own safety: after all he was driving on a suburbian road (anything could come up: crossroads, sidewalks, bikes, cars, kids…) and turned his head far too often and far too long backwards while driving.
    That’s dangerously reckless.
    Instant karma.

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    1. I saw that as well. He was also rather lean, and very comfortable kicking.
      If caught, he would be in trouble here as well, as he did all the fighting. He might could get by with the punch when the “biker” approached his car, but following him and continuing the attack is probably not justifiable legally.
      I’ve decided to try and just let it go in “road rage” situations. You never know when the guy in the other car might have snapped, is looking to kill someone, and just doesn’t care anymore. It’s not worth it.
      A few years back up in Nashville, a man blew his horn at the car in front of him at the red light. The man in front calmly got out, walked back, and stabbed the man to death. He then simply drove away, and I don’t think he was ever caught.
      If it’s not worth seriously hurting someone, and risking getting hurt…let it go.


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