Gay Boy Scout Leader Sentenced to 10 Years for Molesting Scouts…

When you hear “Catholic rape,” understand it’s actually “gay rape.”

The Boy Scouts has went down the road of liberal ruin, along with the Girl Scouts, and neither will ever get any support from our household again.

The Boy Scouts should have stuck to their guns…It’s obviously a very bad idea to allow people who have a preference for children to lead a group of children out into the woods.

Raping young children is a BIG problem in the gay “community,” one that needs to be addressed, reported, and STOPPED.


A former Boy Scouts leader from New Jersey has been sentenced to 10 years in state prison after admitting to sexually assaulting three boy scouts in the 1990s.

Stephen Corcoran, 51, of Morris Plains, pled guilty to four counts of sexual assault in August 2018 for separate acts of sexual penetration between 1997 and 1999.

‘The Defendant held a trusted leadership role in his community and chose to abuse his power by hurting innocent children,’ Morris County Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp said. ‘The past cannot be changed, however we hope that this sentence brings some closure to the victims.’

Corcoran was charged in 2012 with abusing two of the scouts, and indicted in 2013 on charges of abusing all three.

Corcoran is already serving a seven year prison sentence after being convicted in 2017 on 11 charges in a separate child pornography case.

Those charges came after a witness said that he was 18-years-old when Corcoran showed him the images of what he characterized as middle-school aged boys.

This latest sentence of ten years will run concurrent to the seven-year sentence he was handed in 2017.

The case first came to light in 2011, when a former boy scout came forward telling police he had been sexually assaulted by Corcoran when he was a juvenile.

Upon further investigation it was revealed showed two additional former boy scouts also said they were sexually assaulted by Corcoran in the 90s.

One of the victims told of a course abuse that occurred over several years.

The ex-scout troop members alleged in a 2012 lawsuit filed against the Boy Scouts that Corcoran began grooming them for sexual abuse when they were aged just 11 and 12.

Years later he molested them at his home and on camping trips to locations that included a scout camp in Bergen County.

In 2018, the former scouts settled the sexual assault case where they sought to hold the organization responsible for allowing Corcoran to serve as a troop leader.

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8 thoughts on “Gay Boy Scout Leader Sentenced to 10 Years for Molesting Scouts…

  1. This is sickening! Even worse, it’s continuing in many forms within many different organizations. We can not trust that our children are safe in anyone’s hands. I pray Jehovah God steps in soon to rid this world of the wicked people endangering our babies (Psalms 37:10,11).

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